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    Spielweise/Förderung: Dieses Set besteht aus 4 Spiegeln mit unterschiedlichsten Effekten. Kinder können sich hier mehrfach, verzerrt und in unterschiedlichen Größen spiegeln. Die Spiegel können mit doppelseitigem Klebeband an der Wand befestigt werden. Material: 4 Acrylspiegel. Lieferung ohne Befestigungsmaterial. Maße: 30 x 40 cm. 
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    See more of yourself! Observe yourself, mirror-inverted, from above, from below, from the side and from all angles. The mirror tent enables you to enjoy this wholly new dimension of experience. See yourself and others from different angles and standpoints normally hidden to the human eye. This triggers a huge amount of fascination among children. Making collages from natural materials or glass beads is made more attractive thanks to the multiple mirroring effect; the children have a new incentive to become creative. A lighted candle transforms the mirror tent into a starry sky. Brick-built houses become towns, roads that have been built lead the child onto a fantastic journey into infinity. There is a mirror made from safety glass with high scratch and breaking resistance.
    Size of one mirror surface: 134 x 62 x 3 cm, height of the overall tent 116 cm.
    Beech, natural lacquer coated
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